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2007 New Years Music Video Awards - Legacy_Hope [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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2007 New Years Music Video Awards [Oct. 24th, 2007|11:49 am]
Legacy of Power: Hope For The World


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Well, in addition to the Fanfiction Awards, every year around this time, I run the New Years Music Video Awards (NYMVA's) where the best of the best in Power Ranger Music Video's are nominated and voted upon.

Nominations begin today, October 23rd and end November 30th at 11:59pm RMT (1:59pm EST).

Voting begins December 1st and ends on New Years Eve at 11:59pm.

A total of 4 nominees for each category will be accepted. If more than four videos are nominated, then the videos with the most nominations will be accepted.

Nominations Rules
1) You cannot nominate your own video.
2) You may only nominate one video for every category.
3) You MUST have the nominee's permission to nominate the video. Any video maker has the right to email me and tell me they do not wish to be nominated and I will yoink them from the nominee list.
4) All videos must be hosted on YouTube or a similar website--Veoh.com is a prime example of an alternate to YouTube. Videos that have to be downloaded to view will not be accepted.
5) All videos must have been made and uploaded within the last year. No videos made/uploaded before January 1st, 2007, will be accepted.
6) All nominations are to be made in comments on this post or emailed to me by 11:59pm (RMT) on November 30th. If emailing your nominations, please put "NYMVA Nominations" in the subject line.

Best Romance Video-Canon
(A list of who is considered canon can be found here. Please note that though it's not on the list, Blake/Tori will be accepted.)
Best Romance Video-Non Canon
Best Romance Video-Slash
(both male and female)
Best Fanfic Trailer Video
Best Angst Video
Best Drama Video
Best Comedic Video
Best Musical  Video
(i.e. the music is from a musical or TV theme)
Best Voice Over Video
Best Song Choice
Best Action Video
Best Episode Based Video
Best Multi-Season Video
Best Single Ranger Tribute Video
Best Team Tribute Video
Best Villian Video
Best Friendship Video
Best Family Video
Best Director
(i.e. Video Maker)

If you see a category you think should be added, leave a comment with your reason why.



[User Picture]From: jadetate
2007-10-28 11:24 pm (UTC)

update on Nominees

Okay, I've gotten several emails with nominee's so here's whats been nominated so far!

Romance: Canon
-"Time After Time" RevolutionChick
Romance: Non Canon
-"Sick Inside" Thalia Sandy
-"My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
-"Stop! Stay Away From My Sister" mmmpopfanatic
-"Holding On" RevolutionChick
-"Tongue Tied" Catt001
-"Time of Dying" CPT21
-"High School Never Ends" RevolutionChick
-"Merrick is Emo" Catt001
-"Prince's & Frog's" EstelKenobi
-"Stop! Stay Away From My Sister" mmmpopfanatic
-"U + UR Hand" spdekapink
-"Riot" EstelKenobi
-"Holding On" RevolutionChick
-"Farewell Reefside" Artemis85 (JadeTate)
-"Tongue Tied" Catt001
-"Stop! Stay Away From My Sister" mmmpopfanatic
Ranger Tribute
-"Paint It Black" RevolutionChick
-"Come On Come On" ThaliaSandy
-"Holding Out For a Hero" Artemis85 (JadeTate)
-"Cole of the Jungle" Artemis85 (JadeTate)
Voice Over
-"Necromancy" EstelKenobi
-"The Moments That Define Us" Catt001
-"Inheritance" EstelKenobi

So...yeah. Nominations are still be accepted so go and email me with em!
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